The biggest festivals of Monóvar are celebrated in honor of the Virgen del Remedio, from September 6 to 10 of each year. During these days, color, parades, music and gunpowder flood the streets of the municipality, where any visitor is well received.

Religious acts, such as the offering, procession or Salve, intermingle with other more playful and folkloric ones such as the Exaltation of the queens and their court of honor, the Alborada, the Mascletá, the traditional parades of Nanos and Gegants, the parade multicolored, the release of heifers, folklore performances, band concerts, painting exhibitions, photographs…. It should be noted that in recent years the Vermouth sessions that take place from 8 to 10 in the parque de la Alameda (Alameda Park) and that gather a large number of Monoveros have acquired great importance.

Ofrenda Monóvar

Parties in neighborhoods and districts

From July to September, the different districts of Monóvar and the neighborhood of Santa Bárbara celebrate their festivities in honor of their patrons with processions, contests, heifers of heifers and verbenas. It is a great opportunity to get closer and get to know their endearing parties, where locals are fully involved in their preparation to make them unforgettable year after year.

alborada santa bárbara
Alborada Santa Bárbara


El Hondón: second weekend of July.
Cañadas de D.Ciro: last weekend of July.
Casas del Señor: second weekend of August.
La Romaneta: second weekend of August.
Chinorlet: third weekend of August.
Barrio Santa Bárbara: last weekend of August.

Santa Bárbara

Fira Santa Caterina

The “Fira de Santa Caterina” is celebrated on the last weekend of November. This Fair was first installed in 1883, under the guidance of the City Council and at the request of local merchants in order to favor agriculture, industry and commerce. from the locality. Currently stands out for its playful and cultural character. It takes place through two weekends, where year after year the cultural offer is on the rise, with presentations of books, plays, etc.

Fira Santa Caterina
Feria Santa Caterina /Fira Santa Caterina / Santa Caterina Fair

A weekend in which the streets of Monóvar move to the medieval era, with a large artisan and gastronomic market, the other weekend, through a great cultural fair in which shops and associations show the great work They perform throughout the year.

And of course, the typical attractions for children that will make us spend a fun weekend. And between the traditional bonfire of Santa Caterina, with the traditional procession of the Holy and subsequent burning of the bonfire that bears his name.


February arrives and the costumes, the parades and the music again fill the streets of Monóvar with laughter and uproar.

Carnestoltes - Carnavales Monóvar
Carnavales Monóvar /Carnestoltes Monòver / Carnivals Monóvar

The Carnival is celebrated, an event already consolidated that brings together young and old in a large multicolored parade and that year after year is becoming more important, due to the large participation.

Semana Santa

Holy Week in Monóvar has great roots and tradition.

On Palm Sunday congregates a multitude of monkeys who carry palms with olive branches in their hands.

Palmas de Semana Santa de Monóvar

Throughout the week, around 2000 people gathered in the different brotherhoods, break into the night and parade in procession through narrow and steep streets of the town center.

Stresses the procession of the Holy Burial, on the afternoon of Good Friday, where they procession all the brotherhoods that make up the current Junta Mayor: Our Father Jesus, The Christ and Our Lady of Hope, La Dolorosa, the Sepulcher and Soledad.
One of the most emotional acts for the monoveros is the traditional Holy Encounter that is celebrated on Easter Sunday, which is set on the popular Plaza de la Malva.

The festival of San Antón

The festival of San Antón is on January 17, but every year is celebrated on the Sunday closest to this day.

The events of this holiday begin in a concentration that takes place in Campo de Marín, where attendees participate in a contest of gachamigas.

The «Friends of the car and the horse» (Association of Monóvar) congregate year after year numerous riders with their horses and carriages.

People, with their respective pets, come to go to the door of the Church San Juan Bautista in Romeria, where the Blessing and distribution of breads to all animals is carried out. During this tour La Colla el Xirivell accompanies San Atón.

San Antón Monóvar
San Antón Monóvar

This party also awards prizes to the best pet, the best carriage, the best rider …

Bendición San Antón
Bendición San Antón / Benedicció Sant Antoni / Blessing Saint Anton